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Lupita Nyong'o is The New Face of Lancome

20 Influential African Women Entrepreneurs in America to Watch in 2015

History will remember the 21st century as the century of the rise of women all around the world. African women have not been left out of this on-going wave of women empowerment. As African women back home are redefining their roles in the continent, their counterparts in the diaspora are also making their marks as…

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Franka Chiedu

LBW 012: Magazine Publishing in Nigeria with Franka Asindi Chiedu, CEO Blanck Digital Magazine

Frank Asindi Chiedu, CEO & Founder of Blanck Magazine, joins Ms. Uduak on The Ladybrille Woman Podcast show to discuss fashion business and the business of magazine publishing in Nigeria. Franka, who previously worked as Editor-in-Chief for Complete Fashion Magazine,  is credited for revamping Complete Fashion magazine and helping it  become the highest selling glossy magazine…

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