Founded in 2007 by fashion model, attorney and journalist Uduak Oduok, Ladybrille® Magazine stands as the pioneer and authority on African fashion and entertainment for the globally conscious style driven American and European woman.

Breaking the mold and trailblazing a path never traveled before, Ladybrille® Magazine is a fusion of WWD, Vogue and ESSENCE with a very distinct African perspective. The magazine has served as a platform for brilliant exclusive and/in-depth interviews for many brilliant personalities, worldwide.The Magazine’s recognition as a pioneer and relevant authority in its niche market has meant media powerhouse like CNN, consulting giant McKinsey and numerous high profile personalities and individuals have sought and/regularly seek it as the authority on all things “Africhic.”

What We Do
We are a publication that celebrates the brilliant woman (in all of her essence), through our Ladybrille Woman of the Month monthly (now Ladybrille Woman of the Week) features. In addition, through our regular updates of brilliant and exclusive content, we connect today’s young, vibrant and globally chic professional American and European woman to Africa’s equally young and vibrant fashion, film & music industries.

From Milan to New York, Capetown to Lagos and Los Angeles, we provide brilliant and comprehensive coverage on global style/trends, fashion shows, models, designers, celebrities, exclusive interviews, the business of fashion,  and fashion law. Welcome to the Ladybrille (brilliant) experience!

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