Gelila Assefa Puck Partners with Orphaned Starfish Foundation to Help Ethiopia’s Children

Gelila Assefa Puck

Ethiopian born International deisgner Gelila Assefa, wife to the Superfamous chef Wolfgang Puck, is at it again supporting even more charities than she already does. Assefa-Puck announced, yesterday, her partnership with Orphaned Starfish Foundation to fund a new computer lab for a school run by the Ethiopian Children’s Fund in (ECF) in rural Aleltu, Ethiopia.

From Bad Boy to Music Preacher, Obiora Obiwon “The Rebirth” Interview

Obiora Obiwon

Obiora Nwokolobia-Agu aka Obiora (OBHIO-RA) Obiwon was, for a while, considered one of Nigeria’s music industry “bad boy.” His intelligence, height (he stands 6ft 1in), successful entrepreneurial abilities (he is the owner of one of the few successful indie labels in the country- JDI Music) confidence, gentleman qualities and ability to croon sexy R&B ballards…

Rihanna Speaks on Chris Brown Fiasco (Video)


Domestic violence is definitely nothing that should be taken lightly. 20/20 had the exclusive on Rihanna’s experience as she broke her silence on her relationship with Chris Brown.

Rihanna Breaks her Silence on Chris Brown Battery and Assault


Rihanna who is set to drop her new album on November 23rd, 2009 was quite emotional in an exclusive interview on Good Morning America with Diane Sawyer, yesterday. She breaks the silence on the battery and assault incident that occurred between her and ex-boyfriend Chris Brown.

Maimah Karmo, L’oreal Paris Woman of Worth


Congratulations to Maimah Karmo, a fierce and fearless breast cancer survivor and advocate. Tigerlily Foundation, the organization which Maimah founded  educates, advocates for, empowers and provides hands on support to younger women – before, during and after breast cancer. Ms. Karmo is the recipient of L’oreal Paris Woman of Worth Honor. “Ten deserving women from accross the…

Michael Jackson Memorial Services in Pictures

Fans crying over MJ death

Ghana, South Africa, Nigeria, Ethiopia, millions worldwide tuned in to watch Michael Jackson’s memorial services at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, USA. Here are some of the images from the service: