Uche and Bode Pedro Birth Twins

#LadybrilleMom: Uche Pedro CEO of BellaNaija & Husband Welcome Set of Twins!

The Ladybrille community sends a hearty congratulations to our Ladybrille Woman Alum Uche Pedro and her husband Bode Pedro for the birth of their twins. The couple welcomed the twins yesterday, Wednesday, April 9th, 2015.  “My husband Bode and I welcomed twins today, April 9,” said Pedro, the CEO & Founder of BellaNaija.com in a message shared…

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LBW 019: Fashion Media Icon Rocco Leo Gaglioti Honored as ‘Ladybrille Man’ (Special Feature)

He was picked on. Bullied. Called “fat boy” and spit on. Today, he is a 6ft 5in successful model turned fashion media icon. Rocco Leo Gaglioti appears on the 19th episode of the ‘Ladybrille Woman Podcast’ show, in a special Ladybrille Magazine feature honoring him, to share how he went from that bullied little boy…

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Elfonnie Inokon

Ladybrille Mom: How Motherhood Changed My Beauty Routine

Yesterday a friend called to check on me and my now 4-month old baby boy who has become the center of my world. As our conversation progressed she suddenly asked “so how is motherhood?” I paused, I chuckled then paused again. She couldn’t understand what was so funny and I didn’t expect her to. I…

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Ethiopian Fashion Inside Africa

Could Ethiopian Fashion Go Global? CNN Explores Ethiopia’s Rising Fashion Industry

“Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (CNN)The country has an international supermodel. It has a world-renown designer, a centuries-old textile industry, and its very own fashion school. It’s Ethiopia, and it’s perched to hit the global fashion industry by storm. “I do see a trend of Ethiopian fashion going abroad,” admits Mahlet Teklemariam, the organizer of Addis Ababa…

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Oxford Africa Conference 2015 | A Continent on the Move: People, Politics and Business across Borders

Oxford Africa Conference 2015 A Continent on the Move: People, Politics and Business across Borders Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd May 2015 Venue: The Oxford Union and Saїd Business School, University of Oxford For Africa to establish truly sustainable growth and succeed as a world leading continent, integration and cross-border coordination between countries is vital. The benefits…

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