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Tsemaye Binitie – Arise Magazine Lagos Fashion Week 2012 (Pictures) #AMFW #Africanfashion

Arise Fashion Week Lagos 2012 - Tsemaye Binite 10

“Earliest memories of Versace 80’s madness is what inspired Tsemaye from anearly age to decide that he wanted to dress women and even ‘the world’ in his ownirreverently glamorous aesthetic! Tsemaye graduated from Kingston University London in 2004 after completing an internship with John Richmond. A signature style of un-abashed glamour, meticulous cut and attention…

Imane Ayissi – Arise Magazine Lagos Fashion Week 2012 (Pictures) #AMFW #Africanfashion

Arise Magazine Fashion Week Lagos Imane Ayissi 8

“Born in Cameroon, Imane Ayissi arrived in France in 1990. This lover of fabrics has tailored for himself a strong reputation in the Afro-Caribbean community. In September 2002, he presented his eight collection Vogue Africa in the Daniel Buren Circus in Paris. Imane Ayissi draws his inspiration from the pre-colonial Black continent to create a…