Fashion Business: Is Nigeria the Next Frontier for Fashion Retail? #Africanfashion

MTN Lagos Fashion and Design Week Nkwo 5

Is Nigeria the next frontier for fashion retail? While South Africa has enjoyed a thriving retail climate, Nigeria, especially when it comes to fashion, has been lagging. However, in just the past few years alone, it appears Nigeria may very well be the next frontier for fashion retail. From stores like Zara, Mango, Levi’s, Nike…

Mathew Williamson – Spring/Summer 2013 Collection in Lagos #Luxuryfashionbrands


Coming off the celebration of fifteen(15) years in the fashion business, one would have expected English designer Mathew Williamson to show the same collection he showed at London Fashion Week, in September, at MTN’s Lagos Fashion & Design Week in Lagos, Nigeria. Williamson, however, chose a different route. For his appearance as a guest designer…